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Espen Hjort

Artistic Director

Espen (Norway, 1989) is one of the founders of Landmarks.

He is working as director, stage designer, playwright, dramaturge and co-creator of the works of Landmarks.

In 2016 he graduated the directing department at the theatre school of the Amsterdam University of the Arts and he has been working ever since producing his own performances and collaborating with institutions and theaters in the Netherlands, Norway and Ireland.

For him theater is a space to investigate how to live and how we create the world we live in. He often departs from the encounter with the unknown, the other, that which is radically different from ourselves. The body, landscapes and 'spatial music' are returning points of interest. The relationship between human beings and nature (whatever that might be) is the focus in his work.

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Mees Borgman

Artistic Director

Mees (The Netherlands, 1992) is one of the founders of Landmarks. 

She is working as performer, musician, choreographer, dramaturge and co-creator of the works of Landmarks.

In 2015 she graduated the mime department at the theatre school of the Amsterdam University of the Arts and he has been working ever since producing her own work, writing music and performing with different companies in a variety of genres; dance, film, installations, theater and side specific works.

In her work as creator and performer, she is researching the connection between body, landscape, sound and ecology. Always looking for the balance between universal and personal ingredients. 

For her theater is an arena where proposals for the future are being tested and created. Where we freely can discover things we can not see or talk about off stage.  

Being part of a generasjon that has to deal with climate change she feels the urge to actively take part in this situation with her work by inviting ecological systems to join her processes, like the weather, water and other non-humans.

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Ever since their first collaboration in Stonework, Landmarks has been working close with Stone.

Stone is from the family of gneiss and we met Stone on a hike in the mountainreagon Hallingskarvet in Norway during the summer of 2020. Stone has been living and working with us us and will return in the future back to the place we've met to continue his lives journey to the sea.

Stone is skilled as performer, philosopher and co-creator of the works of Landmarks.

Seán ó Dálaigh

Seán Ó Dálaigh is a composer and sound artist from Kerry, Ireland. His music is primarily concerned with space, silence, and the physicality of sound production. His practice includes writing for ensembles and musicians; electronic music; composing for, collaborating with, and performing in contemporary theatre and dance works; and sonic installations incorporating sculptural elements. He is represented by the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland (CMC). He is currently a DMA student in composition at Stanford University and CCRMA.

He composing music for the works of Landmarks.

Floor Cremers

Floor Cremers (1992) works as a dramaturge and creative producer for various dance and theater groups in the Netherlands. She studied Production Management at the Academy for Theater en Dance, Theater Studies and International Dramaturgy at the University of Amsterdam. Besides being a freelance dramaturge she is also committee member of various cultural funds for the municipality of 's Hertogenbosch, and a core member of the discussion platform Aanvang! that is involved in the cultural-political debate and that advocates more solidarity in the performing arts field.

Floor is working as dramaturge, outside-eye and artistic adviser for the works of Landmarks. 

Jorick Bronius

Jorick Bronius is an explorer, performer, designer and engineer of anything sound. With a wide array of instruments, some of which self-built or programmed, he likes to unearth audible worlds that bring new depths to any experience.

Jorick is working as a technical producer and stage technician for the works of Landmarks.

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